Technology transfer

M.Biotech Limited has been associated with strategic contract producing centers which comply with EU Good Manufacturing Practice / are approved by US Food and Drug Administration. The scientists develop formulations and commercial batches, conduct and confirm full analysis. Moreover, they are involved in these processes until its accomplishment.

Operational Bandwidth is the unique selling proposition of M.Biotech Limited. Due to the exceptional Project Management approach, clients of M.Biotech Limited have the competitive advantage, which is the seamless Technology Transfer. High operational excellence and personal staff skills are accompanied with a farsighted approach during the whole value chain of dossier formulations and submissions in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other advanced markets of the world.

Expansion and Validation processes are conducted at the CMO (Contract manufacturing organization) in the presence of the Core Team involved into the Formulation and Analytical Development. M.Biotech’s team for Technology Transfer gives the opportunity to clients to have clear control over outsourced projects.